Diet Plan For Loss Weight Faster


Many people are suffering from obesity and their fat is that it has improved such manner then find sit does not find itself so that many diseases if you have any trouble with obesity being the kind of diet we eat and your life Modify

Reducing obesity is not so simple, but you really think you will first need to change your lifestyle and regular yoga or exercise 10 Eating Rules For Faster Weight Loss

Obesity Reduction Measure

Lemon – you every morning on an empty stomach a glass of low fat by drinking lemon juice in lukewarm water and if you take lemon t he better work

Honey – so regularly you drink if coupled a glass 2 teaspoons honey in the water seems to be cutting your fat and you will get rid of obesity

Green tea – if you have milk to drink tea is paired your gas causing digestive system bad and if you have to use green tea seems to cut belly fat

  • A day 2 or 3 times to drink green tea
  • Night drink if 30 minutes before going to bed so proves more effective in obesity

Banana – most people obesity grows bananas eating do not use bananas in obesity because all speak really not in

  • Banana vitamin B6, vitamin give C, potassium and biotin are all that freezing is not extra fat and only body power growing

Water – when water drink her drink tea as a drink not with the way Gut-drink by choking because saliva does in the mouth and causes stomach acid and that acid in the stomach, saliva is carrying water be will be reduced and that the digestive system strong

  • 3 to 4 liters a day should drink water
  • Water than drinking extra fat is not buried

Eat cucumbers – cucumber if you are so taking regular salad reduce your belly fat

To exercise to lose weight and to definitely totals

  • To morning and evening Walking 30 minutes
  • Grease runs you cycle to reduce, swimming and to pronounce definitely Running
  • Yoga postures like Kapalbhati, pranayama, Anulom reverse, running Balasn and yoga cycling it will give you better results

To lose weight food

  • Oatmeal, polenta take
  • Cabbage
  • Brown Rice
  • Eat green vegetables and fruit
  • Turmeric, green tea

Obesity enhancing food

You stop eating foods containing the fat Bdaane want to reduce obesity.

  • Fast food to give up all of a sudden
  • Morning to breakfast full and eat less at night
  • Sweet little food


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