Dry, torn, black lips are bothered, then adopt these 5 tips


That can make a small smile, too bad, but if the lips of black you have to stop laughing openly, so there is no worry. We not expensive treatments you parlors, but some show a household item, so you they will solve the problem. Since nowadays not only women, but men also took his body, focus on fashion, looks, can both make such these 5 ways.

Lip balm coconut oil

Find like coconut oil lip balm during the day on your lips. You will do it before going to bed at night, it would be more beneficial. It is also a problem with your dry lips would be off and your lips will look beautiful in a few days.

Miracle is baking soda

Mix enough baking soda in water to paste up. The paste Apply on your lips. Continue to scrub your finger or circulation Motion 2 from toothbrushes to 3 minutes. Then be sure to clean and wash the mouth with water and clothes. In After putting olive oil on the lips or olive oil. You can do 3-4 days a week to this process, the alternate day. The scrubbing dead cells will be removed, which is why black colored lips. Olive visitors lips soft by applying oil.

Lemon Honey SIP in serum own

Juice of one lemon, make a little honey, soft cloth and water ready. Mix honey and lemon juice to remove Tanning’s lips. Give it LIVING engaged on his lips for an hour and then wipe with a soft, damp cloth. This process can be 2 times a day. Lemon will be tanning the lips and lip will be soft to use honey.

Glycerin is a simple recipe

Buy a bottle of good company glycerin. Before going to bed feces it Rui on his lips. Some days will start lips pink and soft. This process everyday. Due to the sun’s rays or chapped lips begin falling lip period. Use of glycerin will find their lost tone back and the problem of dry lips will be away at your fingertips.

Aloe vera for softness

Find the take Aloe vera gel and then on his lips, until it dried right. Then Tho it with lukewarm water. This process can help you everyday once. Well Flevonoyds lips Aloe vera to prevent the black and make them shiny, clean, soft and healthy.


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