Effective Home Remedies Snoring Problem


First of all, we should know that snoring is why come. Come to a breakdown in one major cause breathing tube Krrato | Further stress may be wrong diet, drugs or Problem of snoring due to Hrmornl Chejes |

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We have 10 simple home remedy for Snoring Problem

Honey drink

Day before going to bed to get a spoon rest nerves throat drink honey and the Problem away Krrato.

By side sleeping

Change your sleep position | Rather than pit or belly Gold tries to sleep on the left side |

Family leave

Smoking snoring may be the biggest reason. Give leave smoking to avoid Krrato |

Drink hot water

Every day a glass before bed opens the respiratory tract by drinking hot water and the Problem away Krrato |

  • To gargle with salt water.

Cool things eat

Cooling the shrinkage in the veins of the neck with water or cold things to eat which are causing snoring |

Blood pressure to control

Blood pressure also seems to be a problem Krrato The more |

Weight to reduce

To avoid Krrato to control weight |

Garlic and to massage with mustard oil

2-4 garlic bud should Chest massage and hot mustard oil |

Nose Clean

Cold may be difficulty in breathing so before bedtime nose clean Krek slept |


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