Hair Care Myths and Their Prevention


Women think that if the child does not cut their hair will continue to grow, but it is not the unstoppable growth of the hair, not to trim hair, comes from making trimming hair in between women help lead hair.

Women take the same hair cut from his own home that he can cut his hair but it was all they enlist the help of a professional hairdresser.

  • Black-haired women is the fear that the fragile roots of black hair, his hair is very soft, his hair needs more care.
  • The black hair do are quickly dirty and he repeatedly shampoos are frequently washed hair instead of using shampoo hot water.
  • Black-haired women should avoid the use of alcohol-containing hair products.

Women use conditioners that use the conditioner in your hair last part of the hair should be equally in both roots and final part.

Hair care in the changing seasons

  • In the summer should be resolved thoroughly combed before washing the hair, it is not involved in hair after bath
  • Rainy season I used to bring shine in use of hair tend to be more need to take care of the need for rainy hair Cipe Cipe to soak in water, leaves shining hair so hair conditioner.
  • Hair are hair burning excess use of hair spray to be used for styling, use them at least so that the hair does not suffer.


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