Health Benefits of Eating Onions


Using onion is used as salad and vegetables in a variety of food you will often see the use of onion sandwich salad licking and a variety of spicy dishes because it doubled their taste. Many people would, odor from his mouth than eat onions that fear is not really aware of it say people onion properties.

“Let us today we know that onion is so essential to our body and are what advantages it from eating.”

Advantages of eating onions

Relieve constipation to – which contains several fiber onion onions are not problems related to stomach onion eating regularly are extremely beneficial to our stomach if you suffer from constipation it corrected by eating regular onions can go.

Diabetes Control does – Diabetes help ease that control diabetes eat onions because as a gift of love to the patients produced insulin in our body if you as a salad to eat food you everyday so diabetic patient should the onion food.

Heart benefit related diseases  – the biggest advantage of the onion eating reaches our heart remains true control blood circulation in our body onion eating and cholesterol also puts control overcomes its cause regular methyl sulfide and amino acids from eating onions you can avoid many heart diseases their bodies.

Removes blood loss – caused in the body by consumption of onions is far anemic eat daily onion you can fix diseases such as anemia.

Bleeding prevention – bleeding problems occurring in the body can be eliminated by use of onions as bleeding from the nose to collect sniff immediately raw onion, the onion food problem of piles is extremely beneficial.

Benefits of eating Green Onion

Green Onions

Count beat are several benefits of onion eating too much green onion greens with antibacterial properties improves this digestion is causing.

  • Green onions are very found of rare element chromium.
  • Onion eating can be controlled in less cholesterol level.
  • To increase immunity power is a very good source.
  • Facial wrinkles beat erase including root other skin problems onion is very useful.
  • Regularly beat rising eyes light to eat onions.
  • It contains anti-inflammatory present anti-histamine properties.
  • Beat to patients with asthma and arthritis onion is beneficial.

Medicinal use of onions

A spoon to mix 3 tablespoons onion juice with honey menstruation due to pain and that is to get rid of irregularities.

  • Summer should regularly eat onions in it you Lu saves.
  • Onions three to four tablespoons of taking mixed with ghee physical strength is growing.
  • Arthritis in the massage mixed with equal amounts of onion juice and mustard oil to get rid of the pain.
  • If a patient becomes unconscious it out immediately onion collection it will take away the patient’s conscious unconscious.
  • Injury or wound by applying Mix equal amounts of onion juice with neem leaves on wounds quickly heal.

Basil juice lemon juice he put hair Mix yogurt in onion juice stop hair lossare he get rid of the problem of dandruff.

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From regular massage the hair onion juice, it will stop hair fall that age I white hair again story will be black.

Chronic joint pain relief by including massage oil, mustard and onion juice, it reaches a lot of advantages over the two months so long as two months regularly.

Sexual weakness of onions to remove

Very few people know that the regular consumption of onions sexual debility is away she onion best option for the protection and promotion of sexual potency because it is too easy to find that its price is too low .

  • Onion semen is very beneficial in increasing its white onions taken with honey to the juice, you can eat with ground onions, molasses is it semen increase.
  • A month into the mix of honey, ginger and oil and onion juice to take frequent impotence away.


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