How to Take Care of Your Skin in Winters


We care of your skin according to the season. The winter season has to take care of different skin. Winter arrives Skin rude, seems to glassy eye. How to skin care in winter Let’s Learn

Dryness of the skin in the winter is good today, is a lack of moisture. Many instruments in the market to create beautiful skin are available. Many creams, body lotions, skin care in winter, home remedies etc. can be easily. Healthy and take care of not just once a week to the skin is very necessary.

Prescription skin care in winter

Daily sunscreen Find but is necessary to screen before leaving the house protects the exhaust harmful rays of the sun marks on the face do not appear quickly.

To face both the Moishcraij – to maintain skin moisture in the winter at least 2 times a day Moshcraijr. It makes the skin soft remains soft and supple.

Twice face must wash – twice daily for skin protection in winter day should be washed regularly face. It is not afraid to be open Romchidra skin and pimple.

Plenty of water to drink – often due to feel cold in winter, humans do not drink water from the well. But everyday to get beautiful skin in the winter a lot of water to drink in the body appears to be skin bright-bright to remain water.

Makeup vent Do not forget – the fear of winter women forget to take off several times up to put makeup on the face could not be openly breath which seems to skin withers eye.

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Typically the care of the face in the winter as well are however very important to take care of with neck forget the neck but completed with facial beauty go about it.

Neck in winter skin care how

  • Do not see the effect of age on the skin of the neck before time because regular Narasimha necessarily the neck.
  • Do you have the same neck is used for the face cream.
  • Which face pack that you apply on the face Find on her neck.
  • Sour cream made by mixing turmeric and lemon juice and clean it Find It tones the skin on the neck with the face.

The greatest impact in winter falls on the hands of the skin. Man puts the focus on especially if the face in the winter, but the hands are beautiful soft hands in special care not Rktaksrdion of feet you that these tips

How hands care

Skin care in winter

A spoonful of honey, three tablespoons of butter to massage and put it on a teaspoon rosewater hand mixing of these three well take a little time in the job, but it makes hands soft skin makes skin glow.

A teaspoon almond and hand massage at night by mixing a teaspoon of honey and an old cotton blouses are sleeping lose the morning warm soapy water wear will be hands soft.

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  • Just look beautiful in hand on a regular manicure but there is relax the muscles of the hand.
  • Wash after 30 minutes Mix lemon juice, rubbing to remove blackish elbow.
  • Faces also time like hands Find Steam and rich cream. It will sell hand rough. And wrinkles of the problem will be reduced.
  • Mix glycerin in cucumber juice on hand massage before going to bed at night to hand turmeric and look hydrated.

How to foot care in winter

Proper care of them to enhance the beauty of feet in winter, how important is to come.

  • Do massage first glycerin by feet from the night’s sleep.
  • Foot Massage with almond oil, it provides healthy beautiful she relaxes feet.
  • Then I will relax the muscles of the feet wet feet in the pouring salt water thing.
  • Do pedicure to make the legs and beautiful.
  • Wearing plastic-lined shoes.

Adio is burst in winter. The coconut oil will go out skin so rub Rose Mix sugar and Adeya be gentle bunny.

How have beautiful skin in winter?

It is not enough to take out expensive for the beautiful sight in winter cosmetics, but to a healthy diet as well as take care of the skin it is also necessary for healthy skin comes pretty sight.

  • Healthy Diet for Gloing skin in winter is necessary therefore eat daily fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Side-rich Stay away from fast food Chocolates spicy and soles eat.
  • A lot of water to maintain a healthy green tea and fresh juice skin.
  • Eat out instead of homemade food.
  • Gloing sleep the skin is very important to be complete.
  • Garlic not only helps to please anyone but skin keeps you healthy and Pimpalgaon make free is a natural antibiotic.
  • Increase the amount of lettuce in your diet.

In winter, take healthy diet as well as cosmetics for skin care is also important. It tones your skin for some time I’ll start glowing colors.


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