How To Use Female Condom


The relationships I o to always use condoms, it is not necessary, she can also use female condoms. Female Condom in women’s minds about frequently questions, some concerns remain. In this article we’ll tell the important things related to female condoms. This should be how to use condoms and do not how to use it.

  • Relationship of man or woman should use condoms o one of the two make.
    For Male and Female both condoms are likely to rupture of condoms to use.
  • Female condoms are a normal condoms, the difference is only wear so that female condoms to women.
  • Female condoms are bag long Poliyuthen. Female condoms are flexible both sides.
    The female condom is the first are in the same smoothness. Wherefore if your vagina remains dry,
    so you will not hurt after using the condom.
  • Female condoms should cunt from properly opening carefully. Using female condoms in the introduction is difficult. But it can be easy to use it as they use.
  • Female condoms felt flexible ring on both sides. Flexible ring mounted off the side of the bag
    is inserted in the vagina. And the open side of the bag remains on the vaginal entrance outside the ring Blva. Condoms see it take into account that condoms directly engaged and turned to go into the vagina. Outer ring vagina should be restricted to those out.
  • After sex Fimale condoms lightly outer ring to remove Rotate and condoms
    exclude that such semen are the same.
  • During sex if the female condom should stop having sex either slipped or burst.
    And must use excluding torn condom, another new condoms.
  • The women who are allergic to the male condom is the girl for them condoms is the best option.
  • With birth control pills can also be used condoms.
  • Using the female condom is not require doctor’s prescription.
  • Some women may irritate the vagina or anus to use female condoms.
  • Potential success of female condoms is 75% – 80%.
  • The summary is that you can use the female condom without worry.
    And if the female condom does not suit you, you male partner I
    can say to use condoms.


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