Ideal Diet Routine For Weight Gain


Often we are thin Casey Hoye to hear from others because being nowadays Motapo becoming a serious problem | but on the contrary there is a problem of thin man he weighs Casey extended |

If you do not rush it to increase weight, because it can reach even damage the health |

Healthy way of easy tips to increase weight 

Wake up – soaked night of 6-7 almonds or 10 raisins and eating a nut |

An hour later – soup a glass of milk or carrots and eat two bananas |

Breakfast – eat three brown bread slices with a plate simile or sprouts, two idle, two egg omelette or boiled eggs, jam or butter |

  • Two or three pancakes, potato or cheese can be eaten |

Lunch – Take one bowl of lentils, rice, green vegetables, salad and yogurt. Lentils are to replace vegetable cheese mushrooms.

  • In Nonvej can be chicken, meat, fish.

4pm – 5pm – a bowl chickpea fries and a cup of tea or Kofi. Its place vegetable can also juice or fruit.

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Dinner – melted with two or three loaves of bread, which carry a bowl of dal and rice green vegetable salad and yogurt can be chicken meat fish in non-wage.

Above given diet is ideal for anyone who wants to increase weight naturally in less time without any exercise or external health supplement or powder.


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