Protein may Increase in Blood Only Because of One Reason


Say that overcomes those weight intake of protein. But did you know that protein that increases your blood, it can also be a problem for you. Overdose or Haiprprotinemia of protein in blood diseases may feast. Much seems fat and inflammation in the body by eating the sugar, which boosts the C-reactive protein levels.

Food may cause you many problems from eating anything. In addition to eating may also cause many health problems increase the amount of protein in the blood. When people think of protein deposits in large amounts in the blood, doctors recommend to undergo blood tests for the patient to find the cause of the protein.
The doctor-patient based on the blood test to detect the symptoms of bone marrow. About the diseases and their symptoms due to protein in large quantities in blood today we are going to tell you, just look …

Signs of increased protein in the blood

Increases the amount of high protein in the blood when needed, you can have many symptoms. Such as loss of appetite, feeling more fatigue, digestive problems embark sudden diarrhea such as weight loss, remain constant fever, come stand or dizzy sit, in addition to tinnitus in the fingers of the hands and feet and so on. While if you give any of any of these symptoms appear in your body, consult instantly specialist.

Damage increased protein in the blood

Large amounts of protein in the blood, the liver can lead to failure or liver disease. Inflammation in the liver at an early stage of liver disease, becomes weak and large. Inflammation in the liver indicates that the body is trying to heal battle wounds from an infection. Bad Liver allow entry to two main protein in blood (ALT – Elenin Tronsminej and AST – aspartate Tronsminej). Lever generates these two proteins help Metabolaij amino acids which usually. High of triglycerides, obesity, diabetes, cirrhosis, hepatitis, autoimmune liver disease and drugs or fatty deposits in the liver cells from being damaged liver due to toxins may increase the amount of these proteins.

Also when a person does is hurt or inflammation that produces a protein called Immune System C-reactive. It also activates other proteins to fight protein microbes. C -riaktiv protein seems to be an increase in the level of protein in the blood produced. Issues such as common infections and arthritis such as colds or flu are common symptoms of inflammation that increase the protein. Because of the inflammation cells are damaged. Saturated Fat and damages excessive consumption arteries of cholesterol, which can cause swelling therein. This is due to produce C-reactive protein.


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