Side Effects of Eating More Salt in Food


No food should only use salt for flavoring is an important compound, but limiting salt intake it takes the opposite effect. Is taking a significant amount of salt increases blood pressure and proves increased blood deadly to the pressure body. Man must keep vigilance in salt intake.

Harmful side effects of eating more salt in food

Requires the fulfillment of sodium your body is accomplished by salt. But man is fatal to the body that takes over the required intake of salt. According to a report the man’s intake of sodium per day 1500 2300 mg. Overdose of sodium gives an invitation to diseases.

Disease caused by intake of salt is as follows

  • Obesity problem
  • diabetes
  • Heart Disease
  • Stroke
  • hypertension
  • The risk of colon cancer
  • Osteoporosis and Kidney Diseases Snmbdit
  • Vascular Damendia and water absorption problem
  • Prone to asthma

Stroke – Stroke can happen in two ways, 1. Ishchemic stroke 2. Hemrejik stroke

When this occurs in the way of blood cells a person is suffering from Islamic stroke. When blood is duct or burst seems to be too much bleeding in the brain in that case is a victim of human Hemrejik stroke.

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Is a cause of stroke disability in the elderly. Have high blood pressure than salt intake and the problem of stroke, high blood pressure. The chances of stroke by reducing salt intake can be easily reduced.

Heart disease in the human body (heart diseases in human body)

Man rises higher blood pressure to salt intake. The walls of the arteries to blood hypertension becomes thick, making communication of blood to the heart is greatly reduced and this may be coronary heart disease to humans.

To communicate all over the place the blood in the body fat of muscles I heart becomes weak. It may also have a heart attack.

The very short-lived people so prone to heart in the body consumes more salt will know. Keep the attention of your health today and do the least salt intake.

Short term side effects of having more salt in food

More salt intake comes obesity in adults.

Body fat and high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, diabetes, having sleep apnea etc. diseases increases significantly chances.

People feel the need of more water and the intake of fluids.

Sweet liquids drinking increases the weight of the person.

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The human body needs sodium. Excess sodium is removed from the body by the kidneys. But when sodium volume increases in body kidney fails to figure it out and increases the amount of sodium in the blood. As a result there is a heart to work extra hard to do my job, which is to find the body of blood pressure, blood pressure increases.

Asthma problem

Consuming high amounts of salt in food is one of the problems of asthma. Very few people know that one child in every 11 and one adult man in every 12 is suffering from the problem of asthma. By limiting the amount of salt in your diet, you can get rid of this problem.

More water than salt intake interception

Salt is composed of water. Therefore absorbs water. Sometimes thirst us repeatedly over salt eating eat her why salt is a lack of water to grow more. Water shortage of heart disease, kidney failure and lung, arthritis, etc. Problems gets home. So should the limited intake of salt.

The main source of sodium, that are used in everyday life

  • Chips found in the market, pizza, canned Suup etc.
  • Processed and canned food pickles.
  • Besides bread cheese snacks etc. are sources of sodium

Should also pay attention to their health, buy stuff from us market to maintain the amount of time sodium. Buy only things that reduce the amount of sodium. Kids chips, pizza, keep it away from snacks so much for the kids and for good! You. Doctors also recommend a balanced volume using salt.


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