This Ayurvedic recipe is proved to be a panacea for hemorrhoids treatment


Most people suffer from hemorrhoids or Hamroid. The major cause of the disease, irregular routine and Catering. Hemorrhoids pain is unbearable to be in. Hemorrhoids develop due to inflammation of the veins around the rectum. Hemorrhoids are of two types, internal and external. Internal hemorrhoids is felt not look swollen veins, while the external hemorrhoids This inflammation appears just outside the anus.

Identifying hemorrhoids is very easy. Excretion times extreme pain in the rectum and bleeding after, itching is a symptom. This causes swelling in Mude Qi. Ayurvedic medicines can be overcome by adopting hemorrhoids.


While anal-half or two lemon Anima means. 10-15 minutes to take it shortly after the interval Keep Go Poop thereafter. Use it once in 4-5 days. It used 3 times advantage in piles is.


Please take about two liters of whey sweeten 50g ground cumin and a little salt. Whenever thirst began when water replaces buttermilk drink. Four days it used to moles of hemorrhoids are cured. Or ½ tsp cumin powder in a glass of drink put in water.


The inside of the fruit of the seeds and mango kernels dried Make this powder mixed. This powder with lukewarm water or a spoon consumed with buttermilk to relief in bloody piles.


Use Isbagol husk to get relief from irregular and hard stools. It is somewhat stomach also remains clear and Massa much, not even pain.

black cardamom

Large Cardamom is also very good treatment to remove hemorrhoids. Consider taking it to burn the roasted by placing the pan for about 50 grams of large cardamom. Collect grind the cardamom after cooling. Every morning the powder becomes piles properly on an empty stomach with water.


Night 100g raisins water to Bhigon and let it crush it in the same water in the morning. In a few days by taking daily the water piles disease is cured.

Other measures

¼ teaspoon cinnamon powder daily mixed with a teaspoon of honey should be taken once. It piles expires. Myrrh or hair myrrh of relief by taking a daily basis. Haemorrhoids (benefit by applying castor oil on piles). As well as neem oil Apply to warts and relief in piles of oil 4-5 drops everyday drinking. Easy to use Phunchanevali cream, ointment, so you can get comfortable with the pain and itching.

For these drugs to the other using normal gut movements, take plenty of fruits, vegetables, brown rice, brown bread as Resheyukt diet. Do more intake of liquids.


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