Tips for Healthy Hair


There is often a perception among women that he is unaware of the problems occurring but keeps putting oil in hair at night before washing your hair may be itching and dandruff.

  • Children should massage oil for 2 hours before hair wash and hair thoroughly washed with shampoo.
  • In light light massage head console that fingers should take care when massaged into the hair.
  • After oiling should be combed before washing the hair.

Leven in what type of gold pillows use

Uses at bedtime Most pillows of cotton cloth women night but these are cotton pillows causes damage to the hair sticks hair on open dry pillows so afraid of hair loss

  • Silk using the pillow cover satin stays true to the hair.

Hair to create healthy beautiful and shiny should massage oil in them should dress head to avoid the sun should give them a little time for your hair care.

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Shine hair and them following use of some readily available for the best show.

  • We can everyday eating amla, amla is the panacea for all diseases of the hair.
  • Once 5 minutes fingernails of both hands in the day to continue to shine in the hair rub.
  • Follow the positives in life, do not worry not in falling to worry.
  • Between the hands of the palm should be put under pressure with the thumb.
  • Eat like a fruit like.
  • Drink lots of green vegetables and pulses.
  • Avoid fast food and packaged foods.

You will see changes amazing in your hair in no time if you take care of all these things.


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