Watermelon Benefits and Tips for Skin Care


Watermelon is a seasonal fruit and is its high consumption in summer. It meets the lack of water in the body there is water almost 93 percent. The amount of water melon is very beneficial for the skin to be more, it also moisturize the skin as well as helps prevent aging of the skin.

Beneficial properties of melon

Nowadays women are quite conscious about their skin and it takes a lot of ways to be beautiful. Watermelon is a fruit which is also useful for the skin as well as health.

  • Watermelon prevents suntan sweat our body.
  • Its hydrate juice skin.
  • Watermelon remains consumed continuously enhance the skin.
  • Watermelon we can put on the face.
  • Using Watermelon companies that make creams and cosmetic.
  • To wash face the extract of watermelon is also used.
  • After eating watermelon people automatically feel refreshed and relaxed.

Watermelon Benefits for Skin

Watermelon for skin care

Using Watermelon can be used to whiten the skin at home. Use slices of watermelon to massage the face is skin Gloing. Slices of watermelon skin Nikrti putting together the honey. Using the extract of watermelon is also hydrated face and neck.

Take Taumr young skin by watermelon

  • Vitamin C, lycopene in watermelon, vitamin A are found in large amounts. And all things prevents increasing aging of the skin.
  • The free radicals in the body become Jhuria, spots. Watermelon eating them can be controlled.
  • Watermelon bright skin by applying the skin becomes bright.
  • The difference on the skin to use in food daily watermelon itself seems to come watch.

Oily beneficial watermelon skin quality

Oily melon skin members is proving to be a boon. Because watermelon is a source of vitamin A and reduces the size of the orifice of vitamin skin and prevents it from becoming more than Sibesias gland oil. It has the benefit of Ayli skin of the face.

Do young like skin again before – watermelon red succulent fruit. There are many advantages to putting on the face. The extract and apply on the face, we can revitalize your skin and young like the first skin.

Do eliminated Pinpls – If more Pimpalgaon on your skin you massage the juice of watermelon a day on your skin. This problem Pinpls you can overcome.

“Melon can benefit a lot of skin to their diet. Watermelon not only in summer but now are available in every season. Face Cream Watermelon can make. In watermelon juice for honey or yogurt and put it on your face and neck. “

Face made from watermelon pack that brings glow to the skin

Make watermelon juice banana pulp mixed paste and put it on the face of it. It is beautiful and healthy skin. It also Moisjraijr skin.

Watermelon juice and shake it to flour Apply on your face. Take it to wash the face with water after 10-15 minutes. Flour removes dead cells and makes watermelon skin shiny.

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Make melon paste mixed juice yogurt and put it on the face and neck. After 10 minutes, rinse with cold water.

Make a paste by mixing watermelon juice Avocado. The paste to put it on your face. Wash it after 20 minutes with lukewarm water.

Melon skin is thus helping to create beautiful

  • Watermelon eating keeps the skin hydrated. And comes improve skin from the juice drink.
  • Use slices of watermelon is used as a concealer.
  • Votrmeln kept in the fridge is a slice cleanse the skin to rub on the face.
  • Does not flourish present carotene wrinkles watermelon.
  • Watermelon to prevent the sun and put it on the face with equal amounts of cucumber pulp.
  • Can be cured by slices of watermelon ulcers of the skin. It wound, torn fine fibers of lips and skin.

Its seeds along with watermelon juice are also beneficial for the skin. Is related to skin cancer and infection could be from melon seeds. Watermelon is to use this type of seed skin, is unsaturated to soften the skin, Moisjraijr and hydrated useful fatty acids are fatty acids that are abundant in the seeds of watermelon.

  • Are Antioksidts watermelon seed which keeps the symptoms of aging.
  • Out of watermelon seeds the skin soft by taking in oil use and skin clean lives.
  • Oil seeds Trbuj can relax with skin of all types. This oil can be used to remove Pinpls. The use of extract of seeds Trbuj can be used to maintain the skin’s moisture.

Other properties Trbuj

Watermelon juice skin of some far away – one is that such a day in his life that he is tired. Because of the fatigue he appears older than his age. Fine lines, wrinkles can be overcome by putting the juice in the face of the melon.

To Oily clean skin – is most people’s skin is oily. Gila cotton watermelon juice to clean it and to clean the face of it. It is clear from the oil well to face.

Reduce harmful substances originating from the sun or – a man has to get out of the house in connection with the work. Sun is pale skin color. Watermelon juice persists glowing skin by applying to the skin.

Using Trbuj which we can see the difference easily in your screen should we. So utilized watermelon in the summer season.


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